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Grendel's Warband for Conquest Last Argument of Kings #PathOfConquest

Grendel's Warband for Conquest Last Argument of Kings #PathOfConquest

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Part 1, taking the dive in.

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So i’ve fallen in love with Conquest Last Argument of Kings, or as it shall be known CLAK because i’m lazy when it comes to typing.

The miniatures are pretty, the art is divine and the background is actually interesting. All of this backed up with a world that will progress. Which is a bonus as most do not, yes i’m looking at you 40k….

So where to start? Well the Path to Conquest. However as a naturally rebellious person i’m doing it my way.

First up was grab a mini and paint it. In this case its the Nord blooded.

I’ve just come off the back of three months oil painting an Adeptus Custodes army so I decided this project would be Acrylic.

I decided to use green and blues as they are next to each other on the colour wheel with yellows through reds to be my contrasting colours.

Rather than use metallic paints i’ve decided to go with NMM…..something i have never done before. Im pleased with the gold…..the steal sword not so much.

You can see the finished piece below.

Now I have colours on a mini, some decisions around colours.

Blur I think is going to be a regal colour, the colours of Grendel. If you are close to him you get more blue, otherwise greens will be more prominent.

Also because i painted Grendel’s leg armour green, i think armour plates will be done in greens and greys.

Basing wise i think ice. The frozen north of the world has more ‘things and horrors’ and this is a warband of monsters.

Next up is the Background.

It will expand as things are going. However at the moment Grendel is a blooded more happy with monsters than civilisation, so the army will be the odder troops. Less Huscals and more Stalkers and Monsters.

So the list….

Blooded warlord
3 stands of Stalkers
3 Stands of Ugr

Now this is no where near the 600 points for stage 1, however i want monsters so I’m holding out for trolls to be released. Realistically that might be a while. Als0 looking at a lot of the units in the list i want madmen and monsters so i may have to buy stuff and convert.  I think raiders can be used for some of the more berserk units, but as i am trying to stay within Para Bellums range of mini’s there maybe some compromises to be made with the list.

One of the very cool things i discovered, was when i emailed to find out about the look of some of the unreleased units i got a reply from Leandros and although they aren’t going to release pictures to a random spod, it was really nice to get a polite email back.

Now to wait for my Ugr and Stalkers to arrive in the post…..

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