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Grendel's Warband for Conquest Last Argument of Kings #PathOfConquest

Grendel's Warband for Conquest Last Argument of Kings #PathOfConquest

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On army lists and building the miniatures

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I’m not patient. So while waiting for my first batch of Miniatures to turn up i’m working out my list and how i’m going to build it.

This isn’t just because I want to work out what to buy, but also to work out what i’m going to have to convert. CLAK is a new system, well ish, and as such the armies have a lot of options and not a lot of miniatures for them. This means compromise and conversion.

So lets get into it.

Here’s the list.

Blooded with ravens, tactics retinue 1 and mark of the bear
5 stands of stalkers with full upgrades
3 stands of Ugr (which will be replaced with werewolves once the miniatures are available)
5 stands of Trolls with full upgrades (the miniatures are coming)
1 giant

1 Shaman
3 Stands of Raiders
3 Stands of Raiders
3 Stands of Ulfednar with savage and banner
3 Stands of Ulfednar with savage and banner

Right here is the thing. I need a plan for buying and painting.

As you can see from the list there is some stuff in there that there arn’t mini’s for. Specifically the Trolls and the

On army lists and building the miniatures

Stage 1
Blooded, done
3 Stalkers.
3 Ugr

Stage 2
3 raiders
2 stalkers
3 Ulfednar.

So stage 2 plan is the biggy.

I need to work out how i’m going to make Ulfednar. I have a plan.

You see im going to have 4 spare stalker bodies, and im going to save as many of the metal masks from the Stalker sets. This should allow me a lot of conversion parts and use the Raiders kit as a basis for them.

Ulfednar are traditionally seen with wolf pelts, i wont have time to sculpt this and Para Bellum don’t have kits with wolf pelt bits.

What to do? well a bit of research into the Ulfednar see’s that as well as wolf pelts they dyed their skin black. More plans are a foot.

On army lists and building the miniatures

The plan:

Use raiders and spare stalkers for bodies.
The top of the head and shoulders to be painted with charcoal paint to show hey have dyed their skin, possible extending down the bodies in geometric patterns or wolf fangs from shoulder blades to pectorals.
Use Stalker masks in place of horned helmets etc to give them a more ‘feral’ killers look. This also gives an impression that they are kept somewhere, almost chained up before being unleashed.

I like the idea of ‘unleashed madmen’ as a concept. People of the north who have seen too much and now are crazed killers that don’t feel pain sheparded by a Shaman who understands their madness.

I may break my sketch book out and have a crack at basic designs.

One thing that has disappointed me while i’ve been planning around this project is the lack of female figures. Although a female shaman would be at odds with the background, some female stalkers or raiders would be great to add a bit of diversity. Also the only female character so far seems to be the boob window mage, which ain’t great if you want to stay in the Para Bellum range.

While i wait for the post, here’s some more research images.

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