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The Spires: Daroth Prime

The Spires: Daroth Prime

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Milestone Two

Tutoring 11
Skill 14
Idea 14
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This week we will be strengthening our forces by adding some much
needed ranged firepower and Character Removal!
Products needed:
● 1x Mimetic Assassin
● 1x Force Grown Drones
● 1x Marksmen Clones

The Spires
The Marksmen Clones are invaluable at supporting friendly Regiments
with their Arcing Fire ability whilst firing volumes of arrow fire over great
distances. Whilst the rest of your force engages the enemy, the Mimetic
Assassin with its Regiment is able to come from Reinforcements at just
the right time with its Flank ability!
High Clone Executor [75]
– Vanguard Clones (3) [165]
– Brute Drones (3) [180]
– Marksman Clones (3) [165]
– Force-Grown Drones (3) [80]
Mimetic Assassin [80]
– Vanguard Clones (3) [165]
The Mimetic Assassin is a great tool for removing and harassing enemy
Regiments. It’s ability to strike first in a Duel and a plethora of offensive
mutations available to it, will threaten vulnerable support Characters or
force them to deny a Duel, Breaking their Regiment in the process.
A well placed pincer maneuver will force an enemy player to choose
between losing their Character on the spot in a Duel or Break their
Regiment and potentially risking the Character’s Regiment being
Shattered by another Regiment charging it.

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