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Tuscany Hill Village Terrain Build

Tuscany Hill Village Terrain Build

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The Pantile Paradox

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I’ve been carrying out some research on the roof tiles used in Tuscany as getting these right will go a long way to getting the overall look at feel. What I have found is that older tiles are ‘barrel’ tiles arranged in a pattern apparently called ‘Monk and Nun’. Here’s an example:

Monk and Nun tilingMonk and Nun tiling

Looking at my plastic sheet of roof tiles, I see that this is apparently pantile roof tiles and not monk and nun. The difference being a flat strip between each barrel section rather than close packed barrels.

My 'pantile' plastic sheetsMy 'pantile' plastic sheets

Now the easiest option would be to just glue the plastic sheet onto the models. The difference between pantile and monk and nun is not that great. But, if you’re going to do something, you may as well do it properly.

I can’t find plastic sheets that are barrel tiles, so I’m going to have to model these in FreeCad and attach them to each model.

To do this, I’ve made a cone, cut it down the middle and chopped the top off. I’ve then created a thin sheet and stuck multiple copies of the cone to the sheet. Multiple sheets can be stuck together to cover the rood before printing.

For the ridge tiles, I’ve created half cylinders and stuck them to small blocks. I’ve then arranged them slightly out of line to create a more haphazard arrangement.

I now need to add this to my FreeCad model of the building I used in the last project update. I’ve also adjusted the model as well. I’ve lowered the roof pitch and removed some windows. I’ve also had to extend the roof outward to create the eaves.

Adding the tile sheets to the roof took some time to the alignment. But I’ve now got a library of different sized roof tile sheets that should make future buildings quicker.

The new roofThe new roof
A mock up of the new building designA mock up of the new building design

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