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Dan's Dweghom

Dan's Dweghom

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Basing technique

Tutoring 5
Skill 5
Idea 6

For this project I wanted to try snow bases. Its a basing style I’ve never done before and it should contrast with the dark Dweghom colour scheme nicely.


I started by making my own grass tufts using the technique shown by Gerry in this video:


Once the tufts had dried I touched up all the bases with greyseer. Then I covered them with PVA glue. I put one or two tufts of grass on each base and then dabbed PVA glue on top of the tufts too. Finally I sprinkled them with woodlands scenics snow effect. To begin with I used a sieve, but I found the snow effect wasn’t clumpy so it was easier to not use the sieve so I could use my second hand to move the mini’s around and get better coverage. Full details can be found in another Gerr Can video:

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Wow the army’s figures look fabulous lovin the ginger beards. @danlee

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