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#PATHOFCONQUEST The Nords: Army - John's Conquest

#PATHOFCONQUEST The Nords: Army - John's Conquest

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And it begins, with Milestone one!

Tutoring 11
Skill 12
Idea 12
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The boxes for Milestone one!The boxes for Milestone one!

My first Milestone covers a lot of the core units that will become the bread and butter… or meat and bone, of my Nords. It’s a good lump of plastic and resin to start me off!

Building the RaidersBuilding the Raiders

I found that a good approach for building the Raiders was to simply clip out all torso parts, glue them, then clip all the arms and find pairs that work together before adding heads. This lets me have a little more control over the poses and variations over each individual model, which lessens the chance of making identical models throughout each unit.

The resin!

This is my first time working with any Resin figure from the Nords range and I was over the moon on cast quality, detail and ease of prep/building. He is a very aesthetically pleasing figure to have and adds so much character to the basic force. Like adding a flake to a 99 😉

Milestone one is built!Milestone one is built!

I have not mentioned the three Ugr in the back. Simply because they are easy enough to tackle and didn’t take long to build. All in all, Milestone one’s build time was short, fun and easy to manage.

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