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#PATHOFCONQUEST The Nords: Army - John's Conquest

#PATHOFCONQUEST The Nords: Army - John's Conquest

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It's all about Contrast.

Tutoring 16
Skill 17
Idea 15
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Milestone one moves into the painting phase. I’ll go more into detail of painting in this section to that the later Milestones will only need to cover what is different!

On to priming…

So, as you can see, I went for a three stage prime/undercoat. I wanted to demonstrate how effective this is when doing a large batch of models all at once. So, first the entire model was primed black, then heavily dusted with Grey Seer and finally top-down dusted with Wraithbone.

Since I am going to lean more heavily on Contrast paints for flesh, cloth and hair, I figured this was the way to go!

So the colours used here are:

Skin: Darkoath flesh

Cloth: Warp Lightning

Leather: Gore Grunta Fur

Hair: Aggaros Dunes.

Fur: Skeleton Horde

Gold detailing base on Jarl: Nazdreg Yellow

I like using Contrast in this way because it keeps the “soft” materials looking interesting without needing to go overboard on highlighting and shading. It also allows me to balance the finish that Contrast gives by taking a litle more time of metal details and making them look more “heavy” giving me a nice CONTRAST between them boom boom!

For the metals I used the following:

Steel: Army Painter Gunmetal

Gold: Army Painter Bright Gold

Steel wash: Nuln Oil

Gold Wash: Army Painter Soft Tone

I think you can see what I meant earlier by making the metals feel HEAVY… or heavy metal if you will (I’ll stop the jokes eventually…)

The final step before basing material is added was to paint the base rims an earthy brown. Only for the miniature bases as I will likely keep the square base rims back to border the unit and make the round base rims less apparent once the models are placed into the square bases.

In the next entry I’ll discuss what is being done differently for the Ugr!

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