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Clone Battalions for Legion (104th aka

Clone Battalions for Legion (104th aka "The Wolf Pack")

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List of Paints (Clone Troopers Only) Change to Original List

Tutoring 8
Skill 8
Idea 7
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Corax White Primer Sprays

Base Colours / Shades and Dry (Armour, Under Armour and Weapons)
Glaze Mix – Nuln Oil [Shade] (GW) plus Lahmian Medium [Technical] (GW)
Black Templar [Contrast] (GW)

Leadbelcher [Base] (GW)
Praxeti White [Dry] (GW)

Highlight Colours (To Mix Together (Armour))
Ivory (VMC)
Titanium White (S)
Black (either GW or VMC)

Accent Colour
Dawn Stone (GW)

Weathering Colour (Chipping and Scratches)
Black (either GW or VMC)
White (either GW or VMC)

After trying the guide from Sorastro’s Painting Guide I’ve decided to try the guide from Zorpazorp (Method 1).

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