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Dark Souls - The Board Game

Dark Souls - The Board Game

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Silver Knights

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The second enemy type encountered in the board game are Silver knights. I again looked to the series artwork for direction. These enemies appear in all three Dark Souls games and their colour scheme varies with type and location. I decided to go with a cleaner, bluish hue to the armour of the Swordsmen, while the Archers armour would be more broken down with brown and green tones.

All of my armoured models were primed with Lead Belcher and given a coat of Nuln Oil to bring out the detail. Further colouration was achieved with washes and light dry brushes. In the case of the archers I used Agrax again while the swordsmen were washed with Darkenhorf Nightshade. A Runefang Steel dry brush added highlights and brought the metallic look back after washing.

Silver Knight Swordsman Silver Knight Swordsman
Silver Knight BowmenSilver Knight Bowmen

These two larger knight models are known as Sentinels. Again they appear in various locations and colour schemes throughout the Dark Souls Video games series. For clarity I used the colour scheme depicted on the unit card which is from the city of Anor Londo location in DSI. Here they can be found guarding the doorway to the final boss battle of that level; ‘Ornstein and Smaug’.


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