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Ork Aeronautica

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Painting the Grot Bombers

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 6
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Now starting to add some of the details.

The tail plane was painted white.  A couple of coats where required.  Attempts where made to avoid putting white paint in the panel lines on the tail.

Red stripes where added to the white sections.  A little bit of going back and forth with the red and white paint was required to keep the lines neat.  Keep in mind Orks are not necessarily going to make the line perfectly straight.

Some of the panels on the engines and engine exhausts where painted brass/bronze.  This was a bit random, just to make the engines look kind of junky or made of different parts.  More bronze will be added in later steps.

Some more stippling was added to the fuselage with a lighter grey.  This was in part to fix a few mistakes.

A lighter brass/bronze was painted on the engine nozzles sticking out of the tail and the smaller secondary engine nozzles on the wings.

The yellow part of the wings were given a wash of yellow ink.  This wash helped to make the yellow look more uniform on the wings .

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