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Lonkelo's Burrows and Badgers

Lonkelo's Burrows and Badgers

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Tutoring 7
Skill 12
Idea 12
Painted, dipped, varnished, touched up (just a tiny bit!) and based: my warband is done!Painted, dipped, varnished, touched up (just a tiny bit!) and based: my warband is done!

Done! For the first time in, I think, seventeen years I have completed minis to this degree. Very proud of myself and the finished product. Painting these has really got me back into hobbying and I actually managed to get my wife interested as well (#snaganormy)! We are into our second game of Burrows and Badgers at the moment and have just started a campaign.

My warband is obviously Loyalist and belongs to the Order of the Crown (blue with white fleur-de-lys, cf. Sternpaw’s Almanack, pt 1). My wife’s warband is aligned with the Rogues and represents a group of outcasts. We started with 250 pennies, which amounts to four minis each.

My warband:

  • Snuffles the Boss Hare (Dutch: Snuf de Baashaas, lost in translation…), the leader
  • Sir Squeak (Dutch: Heer Piep), his trusty second
  • Ed the Adder (Dutch: Ad onder’t Gras), the Noble mage
  • Ronald Weasel (Dutch: Ron Wezel), the soldier

This leaves the Mouse Shieldmaiden and Squirrel Witch for now, who are both still unnamed. The Mouse Shieldmaiden looks more like the traveling kind to me, with her brown cloak. I thought that she could be from an order allied to the Order of the Crown and therefore with a similar coat of arms, but with an added bend sinister argent (please correct my heraldic terminology, if I’m wrong…). I still have to think of a background for the Squirrel Witch.

Very proud of this Gold button. Definitely came as a surprise, but all the happier for it!

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Cult of Games Member

Well done!

You make me want to get back to painting my Burrows and Badger minis.

Love the team paint scheme. 🙂

Congrats on your Golden Button!

Cult of Games Member

Ooh Wow your figures look brilliant @lonkelo well deserveing
a gold button.

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