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The Watchers on the Wall

The Watchers on the Wall

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Tutoring 8
Skill 10
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Veteran Grenadier Bakkas of the Brazen Claws, call sign “Little Friend”

Front ViewFront View

Bakkas of the Brazen Claws is a giant, even by the standards of a Primaris Marine. It’s rumored his Chapters’ Tech Marines had to custom-modify most of his armor so it would fit. As is common with Iron Hands and their Successors, Bakkas initially comes off cold and aloof. However, once fellow kill team members have earned his trust and respect, he’s fiercely loyal, placing the safety and security of his mission and his squadmates above his own.

This has led the members of his Watch Fortress to tag him with the call sign “Little Friend.”

From a painting perspective, I experimented with adding a higher highlight, P3 Trollblood Highlight, to the sharpest points of the black armor. I liked the effect, giving it the appearances of a glossy sheen.

Rear ViewRear View

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So cool, your painting standard and narrative are excellent

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