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Ork Aeronautica

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Painting the Grot Bomber 2

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 6
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Starting to paint some of the smaller details. Some of the engine bits received a coat of gold paint.  The various exhaust pipes received a coat of lead belcher.  There are a number of Ork tooth like panels, these where painted red along with several random panels or hatches.

Two panels on the wings where painted blue in a couple of layers.  These blue panels will eventually receive a decal.

The cockpit windows were painted in layers of green in the same way as was done on the dakkajets.

I read some where that some Japanese world war two aircraft insides where given a green varnish to protect then aluminum. I have wanted to use that some place.  For the bombers there is a section of the under side, that I could see being unpainted aluminum, this section was given a wash of green ink.

The wheels and treads get a base of Black paint.  Two layers of brown/grey dry brush was applied to the wheels and treads.

Next, the grot bombs got a Olive coating.  Runelord Brass was painted on the bomb engine nozzles.

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