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The Watchers on the Wall

The Watchers on the Wall

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Stop...Hammer Time

Tutoring 3
Skill 7
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Veteran Brother Haephestus of the Salamanders, Call Sign “Anvil”

Front viewFront view

A quick update using one of the duplicate project entries I accidentally created yesterday. I wish I knew how to delete duplicates.

However, this is a fairly basic model, assembled straight out of box (or as straight out of the box as anything built from the crazy Deathwatch Kill Team box). A Salamanders Space Marine with a Heavy Thunder Hammer. Nothing converted. Thus I experimented with painting. The Black skin is a dark brown, shaded with GW Drakenoff nightshade (dark blue) wash, and highlighted by adding Kislev flesh to the base color.

Also experimented with some flames on his chapter shoulder pad. I started with Jaekero Orange, and worked up through yellows and finally pure white. A tip on fire is its darkest (red/orange) on the outside, and hottest (yellow/white) on the inside. This is opposite of normal painting/shading. I’ve found if you shade Fire with washes, making it darker in the recesses, it ends up looking like crumpled cloth.

He was created to add some close combat punch to my Kill Team 1, “The Close Encounters”.

Rear view, showing some shoulder pad flamesRear view, showing some shoulder pad flames

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