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Path of Biomancy

Path of Biomancy

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Another Milestone Reached

Tutoring 3
Skill 6
Idea 6
Another Milestone Reached

Ölla’ka’ayr The Twisted, Broken Pheromancer of the Kchoat’lis Underspire, 6th of his Lineage, Elder of his name, The Faceless.

#milestone3 of my #Pathofconquest is done.

Love love love this mini.

And a sample army list from my #pathofconquest army as painted so far…

The Spires – 1400/1400
Spire path

Biomancer [215]: Select as Warlord, Tier 1, Tier 3, Tier 2, Fleshcarver, Cloned Redundancy, Essence Transfer, Harvest Essence
– Force-Grown Drones (5) [155]: Pheromonic Node
– Abomination (1) [145]

Mimetic Assassin [140]: Disorienting Strikes, Venom, Heightened Reflexes
– Vanguard Clones (4) [255]: Assault Preceptor, Standard Bearer

Pheromancer [110]: Avatar Projection, Induced Vigor, Accelerated Hibernation
– Brute Drones (5) [300]
– Force-Grown Drones (3) [80]

Characters: 3
Light Regiments: 2
Medium Regiments: 2
Heavy Regiments: 1

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The mini looks awesome : great paint job !
There seems to be validation problems in the army builder.
The mimetic assassin is indicated as having too many mutations, but he has only two (and he can have two : they’ll have to update the army builder).
The pheromancer needs 3 retinues to have access to multiple pheromancies, but he can’t since he has avatar projection.

Cult of Games Member

That mini does look amazing, so much motion and character to it. You may have mentioned but is it a special sculpt or a mix you put together?

Regarding the base, does that center rock he’s on drop into either the snow base or the one he’s on in the solo shot? Personally I like the one he’s on in the solo shot the best (gives the mini some room for his personality to come out more) but I imagine the group shot base is needed to rank him up.

Either way great job!

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