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Uruk Hai, the return! And more……..much much more

Uruk Hai, the return! And more……..much much more

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Too tired to paint. So I made More!!!

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I assume it’s the same for many of us, start work at 7:30, day winds down by 8pm. ‘How am I feeling?’ I ask me brain.  Sometimes it acidly replies ‘Are you JOKING!?! We are F$€#^d. Go to BED!’

So I decide to do something less taxing than paint, I make mini’s for further down the pipeline. I don’t like to waste the dead spaces in my day, you know the ones. It’s those 10mins or 30 mins between tasks while you wait for something or someone to do what you need them to do. Usually stop the mindless violence for 5 minutes and brush their teeth!!

So while I wait I can strip some minis from eBay, spray up a batch or assemble and clean up some minis in my wait pile. When I’m tired I find making mini’s the easiest thing to do.

so I made another 30 Uruk hai with army command! The scope just keeps on creeping…….Goblins are good at creeping?.

Also managed to get the pikes and command unit sprayed up.

One thing I’m wrestling with in my mind is what can I do to denote the command unit as the toughest bastards in town. I suspect I will be using them as Black orcs in my warhammer game. So maybe they all have the hand of Saruman on their faces? Or as an emblem on their shields? Unsure. Need inspiration, I would like it to be a subtle thing though.

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