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Romano-British for Dux Britanniarum

Romano-British for Dux Britanniarum

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Drystone Walls

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I’ve not had much opportunity to update this Project lately, but progress is being made.  Over Christmas I decided that I would keep the Project live whilst I embarked on a starter force for the Saxon invaders.  I’ll detail the planning process and a short miniature review in a later post, but in the meantime I got on with the far more prosaic task of painting some drystone walls.

This might be the most tedious set of images ever posted on the OTT Project System, however, you never know when you might need some ideas about how to paint a rock, so here goes.

The walls were resin casts from Red Dragon Scenics.  They arrived in good time after ordering and are pure white when taken out of the bag.  After a wash in soapy lukewarm water, they were given time to dry and then primed black.  However, there are a lot of deep crevices as you might expect with scenery of this nature and the spray primer didn’t reach every nook and cranny.  To remedy this I applied Vallejo Black Polyurethane Surface Primer.  This is meant to be applied with an airbrush, but works just as well with a normal brush.

Once the primer was on, I applied a Basecoat of London Grey (VMC 70.836).  Next was a dry brushed highlight of Neutral Grey (VMC 70.992). In hindsight, the Neutral Grey didn’t really add very much and I think in future I will skip that step and go straight to the next two.  These were a dry brush of Sky Grey (VMC 70.989) and a final light dry brushed highlight of Silver Grey (VMC70.883).

I then painted the base with  my usual combination of earth colours which I’ve listed several times in earlier posts before adding some flowers and a bit of flock.

I have enough pieces to put together two inter-linked fields or to delineate the boundary of a farmhouse yard and its surrounding buildings.

Father Christmas was also rather generous on the terrain front this year, so there is rather a lot of updates to post on.  In order, they will hopefully be:

Completing the painting of my farmhouse
Acquisition and painting of a Saxon force
Building and painting a storage barn
Building and painting a watchtower
Building and painting a church

Finding the time will be a challenge but I won’t be bored in this latest lockdown.

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