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Space 2021 - A Star Saga

Space 2021 - A Star Saga

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2.5 - Sergeant Ugurik, Ork Commando

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I don’t walk softly, but I do carry a big gun.

Sergeant Ugurik, ork commando. I have mixed views on the Orks/Marauders. Because I have been a fan of Mantic for a long time, I understand why the Marauders exist. By the same token I feel like they have expanded their universe through games like Dreadball to the point where I would like to see them start to step away from their past as a cheap 40k alternative. However I do like this model and I think it stands out from the crowd in terms of Marauders because I think it better represents what I think the Orks in the Warpath universe should look like. Unlike the Orks of 40k, the Marauders in Warpath are described as being intelligent and have superb tactical and strategic acumen to go with their martial abilities. So much so that the humans of the universe were required to invent the genetically engineered Enforcers to stop the Marauders taking over the galaxy. However the models still carry that goofy, comedic look more associated with 40k. Big, boxy and bulky armour or virtually no armour at all. They don’t have the appearance of a species that came within a gnats pube of conquering the galaxy. Whereas this guy looks professional and exhibits a level of technology that is equal to the rest of the factions whilst still having a rugged and bulky look.

Again I followed the artwork for this one and because I couldn’t find the artwork I reached out to the Star Saga community and none other than the original artist got in touch and supplied me with the character concept art (he also gave me artwork for a few others at the same time). Absolute legend.

When looking at the artwork I don’t know whether it’s deliberate or coincidence but the colour scheme is very similar to that of Ogan Helkkare, the Forge Father engineer from the core set. Which could indicate a link between the Forge Fathers and Marauders, the former supplying the latter or just between those two individuals. Thematically I think both work, the Forge Fathers have no love for the humans of the GCPS, arming and equiping a fellow enemy of their enemy would have some merits. Regardless, I really enjoyed painting it and it didn’t take too much thought or effort as I was using colours already used on a previous model.

Ugurik also marks the end of the second expansion, Retake the Blackstar Station. Next on the desk will be Terror in the Deep.

Sergeant Ugurik artwork Sergeant Ugurik artwork
Sergeant Ugurik painted by Paul. Sergeant Ugurik painted by Paul.

Art Credits Rob Jenkins and Roberto Cirillo

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