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Bolt Action USMC 1000pts army

Bolt Action USMC 1000pts army

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MMG - pallette cleanser

Tutoring 13
Skill 14
Idea 13
MMG - pallette cleanser

I wanted to try out a paint scheme so I started with this metal .30 Cal team.

Deathguard green primer with Athonian Camoshade wash was the idea. I think it looks fine.

I searched back through an old messenger conversation with a sadly departed friend and they said they had used a Vallejo Green Grey for their USMC or occasionally a Vallejo Russian Uniform green. I didn’t mix the paint well enough, or it’s just old and split in some way, because when I used my Green Grey as a trial on the trousers it came out glossy. I mixed it with some Deathguard green and that blended it and took the worst of the gloss away.

Used Iraqi Sand for the vest of the loader, but think the shirt should be more white.

I used Cryptek Armourshade Gloss on the gun over the Deathguard green and think it looked good, but I used a Leadbelcher Armourshade mix as as a highlight because when ai have seen these guns their either black or shiny metal coloured and wouldn’t be much rust on them even in the tropical humidity.

I think I will return to this later. Add some stubble. Add a tattoo maybe. Add some eyes. The pics make them look fairly sunburnt as a happy accident but will check them again and see if a Barbarian Flesh highlight is in order.

MMG - pallette cleanser

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Cult of Games Member

Great work, @dugthefug1644 – especially on the Sand-Variant “Frog Skin” camo covers.
Always love to see Marines featured. Semper fi.

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