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Space 2021 - A Star Saga

Space 2021 - A Star Saga

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3.11 - So Hin

Tutoring 3
Skill 5
Idea 3
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Only whenthe last ocean has been turned to polluted sludge and last planet has been poisoned to a toxic wasteland will humans realise that they cannot eat money.

So Hin is an Asterian, essentially a Space Elf. Although the Asterians tend not to engage in warfare themselves, preferring to operate remotely through highly advanced drones, there are some among them, the Kalyshi, who prefer to take part personally. So Hin is one such person who operates as a Mercenary and reports back to his clan all that he sees of the GCPS.

As a model, I was really looking forward to this one, with its nice, bright colours. However the reality was somewhat different. It was an incredibly hard model to paint with lots of soft and poorly defined details, in many cases details had to be freehanded on (the leather cords and bands around the legs, shoulders and chest), it wasn’t possible to do good edge highlights; all sorts of problems. Overall I am pleased with the results and completion of him means that the Terror In The Deep expansion is now also finished.

So Hin artwork So Hin artwork
So Hin painted by PaulSo Hin painted by Paul

Art Credits Rob Jenkins and Roberto Cirillo

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