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Clone Battalions for Legion (104th aka

Clone Battalions for Legion (104th aka "The Wolf Pack")

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Clone Trooper Phase 2 Test Paint

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 4
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Test paint of a Phase 2 clone. Primed with Corax White and an overpaint with Apothecary White (Thinned with Contrast Medium) some flow enhanced and very little Black Templar (Contrast). Once drying took a small piece of sponge and put some white onto it and started to stipple over the armour. Once done dry brush some white over it to highlight the edges. Took the idea from the below youtube painting guide.

Paint list for the Clones without unit markings

Prime Base:
SPRAYS – Corax White

Black Areas:
CONTRAST – Black Templar

Touch Up (Armour Base):
BASE – Corax White

Armour Wash
CONTRAST – Apothecary White (Thinned with Contrast Medium)

Dry Brush:
LAYER – White Scar (Sponged over miniature)

Touch Up (Black Areas):
CONTRAST – Black Templar

Normal Brush
Wet Brush

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