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Dark Souls - The Board Game

Dark Souls - The Board Game

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Characters Expansion - Part I - Heroes

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The first of the expansions I’d like to showcase is the Characters Expansion. This set includes the remaining six hero archetypes from the series, greatly expanding the way that players can approach the game.

As you would expect, each hero brings a different approach to combat and favours a different path of character development.

Of particular note are the Pyromancer, Cleric and Sorcerer who bring the three  disciplines of magic to the tabletop.

Additionally we have the Thief and the Mercenary. Finally, for those who prefer to run about in a loincloth with nothing but a plank for protection and a club to bash their enemies, we have the Deprived.


As with the heroes from the core game, my intention has been to match the paint scheme to the character board art as much as possible.

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