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Did I say Dragon Horde?  I meant Enter the Dragon!

Did I say Dragon Horde? I meant Enter the Dragon!

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Treasure Hunter, Assassin and more NPCs

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It’s been a fairly productive week as far as Frostgrave goes.  After a number of games the Asagao Clan has explored a few locations in the frozen city including a mysterious well and anti-magic tower.  So far it’s been a lot of fun and we’ll next be running some linked missions from Frostgrave Folio.

I was also happy to have my Alkemy order arrive and so the first two models are from their line :


Asagao Ikaru (Treasure Hunter) and Kuroi Bara (Assassin)Asagao Ikaru (Treasure Hunter) and Kuroi Bara (Assassin)

I’ve also been working to get all the NPC types filled out.  This week I added a number of critters including a wolf, snow leopard, werewolf, giant worm and a collection of constructs (love these stitch golem models!).  All the mini’s are from Reaper.

Next up is to finish off the NPCs which means a frost giant, vampire, ghouls, spider and a wraith.  I also need a boar and giant frog but need to get mini’s for those still.  A construct/elemental for the “Hunt for the Golem” scenario is also waiting on some color.

Well back to it!

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