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Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

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Planning: (what's that?)

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Unfortunately, I’m not the most assiduous planner when it comes to gaming. I have always tended to just jump in and “go with the flow”.  The results have not always been successful!  This time I thought some planning might be a good idea.  So I mapped out some basic “needs” for a Skirmish table.

It needs to be between 3×3 and 4×4 feet which encompasses most (if not all) Skirmish type gaming rules.  For example I have models for “Cutlass”, “Rangers of Shadowdeep”; “Frostgrave”; Ronin”; “Test of Honour”; “IHMN”; “Bolt Action” (for smaller enganements); “Sharp Practice”; “Pikeman’s Lament”; “SAGA” – you get the picture!  But hardly any of these are painted up so time to get it done.

Initial thoughts on the table spacesInitial thoughts on the table spaces

I need a reasonable open space for most of the fights. Then I also want some higher ground, but NOT dramatic heights. (I had in mind also using the table for small scale battles, e.g. 10mm/6mm). But, some hills to add texture and variety.

What about water? This is more of an issue to think about. I like the idea of some beach/sea front, but not one that dominates the space, and it would be some opportunity to texture a cliff. What about a river?  Remembering this will be a permanent table, so maybe yes, maybe no. More thinking necessary.

Next entry will take the planning/thinking stage a bit further.

Best wishes to all other SCC projects

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