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Raise high ze black flags my children! - The Prussian Army of 1813-1815

Raise high ze black flags my children! - The Prussian Army of 1813-1815

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A Review of Warlord Games Prussian Landwehr Regiment

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Prussian Landwehr regiment 1813-1815

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I picked up a pack of the Warlord Prussian Landwehr for £13 after some bargain hunting.

Overall, not a great set but for the price I can’t complain that much and they are certainly quick to assemble and paint, You interestingly get 26 figures, 24 plastics and 2 metal command, which is a bit of a odd number given most Warlord kits are 24 strong battalions.

The kits not up to some of the more modern sculpting standards and the figures feel quite hunched on the shoulders. The faces are perhaps the worst part, the spectacle wearing head is shockingly bad, and there’s also bandaged up head, overall you end up having to use these quite often. Surprisingly, this kit was released in 2017! The detail is reasonable but not fantastic for plastic.

The biggest let down is the metals, there’s very little definition in the detail, particularly the officers face, there also quite a bit shorter though they fit in reasonably well with the thickness of their bases, I believe this might be from their initial Prussian Range. They paint up reasonably well but either the sculpting wasn’t quick upto modern metals or the moulds seen its better days.

Competition wise these are the only plastic kit out, if your after Landwehr your going with this kit or metals. Therefore value for money these are excellent, as their is no direct competion on cost.

You do get a reasonably detailed leaflet included, with a fair amount of background on the Landwehr units including the colours worn (more in a future post) and a good range of potential flags to be used (again more in a future post).

I would give this a reasonable 7/10

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