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Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

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Landscaping Part 1

Tutoring 9
Skill 9
Idea 9
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With the base board completed and dry, it’s time to start making the land!

Before committing to the final shape or the landform, the “blank” sheets were cut to general size as shown in the picture, and two sheets cover the majority of the board. As I will have “entry points” on each side anyway, as they are slightly short of matching fully, this is not a problem.

Board with sheets in place to check for size etc.Board with sheets in place to check for size etc.

The next pictures show the approximate size and shape of the hill area and what this means for the effective fighting area. It should be reminded that anyway the hills will be gently sloping and not the Himalayas so from a practical point of view, an area of about 3′ x 3’6″ is really available easily.

The pictures shown with models are there for illustration purposes, although the ones with the Japanese figures will be included in the second phase of this Challenge as the whole idea is to get the inspiration or incentive to paint up some more miniatures!

Models include some ECW from last year’s Challenge, although these will be unlikely to be used on this table as they were based up for large battles.  However some of the figures I didn’t finish painting may well appear as Companies for Pikeman’s Lament!

Note the “shading” will be where the hills are trimmed into a gentle slope, but more of that in the next posting.

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