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Blood Bowl = an over dose of Teams

Blood Bowl = an over dose of Teams

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Right since I last updated this (Jan 2021).

We have finished:

  • Deeproot Strongbranch
  • My Black Orc Team
  • My Imperial Nobility Team
  • My Halfling Team
  • My Dark Elf Team
  • Gretchen Watcher
  • My Chaos Chosen Team
  • My Lizardman Team
  • My underworld Denizens Team
  • A Troll for my Underworld Denizens
  • An enormous proxy mini for Glart Smashrip which I am going to use as just a fat Skaven for my Underworld Denizens

I will get some pics uploaded either Tomorrow or Friday 9th April.

I have also ordered a Snotling Team and a High Elf Team.

If I hadn’t of bought Warhammer Quest Cursed City I would have picked up a Norse Team as well!

So far I have 24 Teams!

I just need to put the bloody transfers on a lot of them!

However in order to replicate the old style Blood Bowl conferences I would still need to buy / build / paint 8 more teams!

In addition to all of that I also have about 19 pitches and about 12 of the custom dice sets.

I could literally set up my own league and run multiple games at once (Covid Permitting)

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