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Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

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Intermezzo: Samurai

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 7
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While awaiting glue to dry fully before the next stage of landscaping, I wanted to share my ideas for one of the Skirmish games I plan to use the table for.  SAMURAI

Whether this is Ronin or Test of Honor (or both) remains tone seen, but the colour scheme needs thinking about, particularly for the Samurai themselves.  With this in mind I wanted to publish a set of twenty old (i.e. approximately 150+ years) prints of Samurai Heroes.

The prints are fairly small (approximately 11 x 17cm) and although I have had them for many years I have only just had them mounted and now displayed in the illusion of a Tori Gate.

They depict various heroic deeds of Samurai, and while they are from an earlier period than the setting for Ronin, I think the colour schemes are transferable.  I am not sure how easy they are to make out from the pictures, but there is a diversity of dark and light colours as well as interesting juxtaposition of primary and secondary colors which might seem unusual to “Western” eyes.

Anyway, as I plan to paint up 2 or 3 different Samurai Buntai, hopefully there will be some interesting results.  Hope you enjoy these beautiful prints.

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