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Frostgrave: Post Covid Gaming

Frostgrave: Post Covid Gaming

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Goals, aims, targets, whatever

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A little later than I’d intended but here we go, the project for SCC 2021.

Frostgrave is one of my favourite games of the last few years and I spent a lot of time last year playing through all the solo stuff I could find (and making some up). I even started a conversion of the world and the adventures to run with 5th Edition D&D to try and pull more people into the world.

Recently we’ve had some very honest discussions about social wariness in a post-Covid Scotland amongst my gamer friends. The idea of going back to playing at clubs or in venues with a bunch of strangers just isn’t doing it for any of us so we’ve decided that, for the first while at least, we’ll stick to a small campaign in each other’s flats. With second edition out, it’s a great time to try and bring in some new players.

What needs done - Terrain

Since being stuck at home, I’ve largely been playing with unpainted terrain and proxying a lot of the monsters for the various encounters. Having to show things to other people is the prompt to get it all painted up.

Here’s what I’m working on:

Goals, aims, targets, whatever

As you can see, it is a mix of plastic kits, some old resin pieces and some poorly scratch built stuff thrown together last year from a foam floor tile and foamcore I had around the house.

The first aim is to get the plastic kits painted up. I hate painting terrain so I’ll mix in painting the minis to break the monotony. More on the minis next post


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It’s never too late to start a Spring Clean! 🤔 The undead (one of my favourite genres) always take their time to raise their heads from the graveyards of Morr just in case the witch hunters (or Buffy’s crew) are out and about! 😖 Looking forward to seeing how the project progresses… 👍🖖

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