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Space 2021 - A Star Saga

Space 2021 - A Star Saga

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Oh, no, this ship isn’t sinking and we’re not leaving.  In fact, I think we shall stay.  The future belongs to the rat.

As part of the Star Saga kickstarter, I opted to buy the Deadzone character packs, which basically gave you the metal mercenary models for Deadzone and accompanying Star Saga character cards.  This was a good move for someone who also has more than a passing interest in Deadzone (we will come onto that in the next project entry).  As I had just painted all of the Veermyn for Star Saga I decided to fish this character out and paint him somewhat out of sequence – the original plan was to paint the metal Deadzone mercs after the expansions were all complete.

This is a fairly old model I think and it kind of shows.  From the angle you’re looking at in the photo, and indeed from the reverse angle it all looks fine.  However the details on the areas that are cleverly hidden by the angle are somewhat lacking – areas like the chest and stomach.  Honestly that’s not really such a big deal and for gaming miniatues I generally hold to the ideal that if you can’t see it, it doesn’t matter.

Overall I actually had quite a lot of fun painting this, even to a basic standard, as it’s a colour palette I don’t normally use.  I also really like the deployable ratswarms that he comes with as well.  Much like Ogan Helkkare comes with deployable gun turrets and shield generators, the piper can summon rat swarms.

The Piper painted by PaulThe Piper painted by Paul

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