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Infinity Spring Cleaning

Infinity Spring Cleaning

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Aida Swanson

Tutoring 11
Skill 13
Idea 12
Aida Swanson
Aida Swanson

So I painted up everyone’s favorite rogue Aida today. I’ll confess I’m not best pleased with her camo cloak. It was my first stab at camo and so I just winged it. The result in the back is decent but that on the front just looks muddled.
So, if anyone knows tips/tricks/tutorials for when next I tackle camo (or revisit Aida’s) do let me know. Most of what I paint isn’t true military so I have doubtless tuned out a multitude of resources/“Gerry Can”s.
I painted her almost entirely (aside from skin, hair, leather, and guns) with the Vallejo Russian military set which I actually got to use for Ariadna. Figured the colors would work here and it turned out that they were indeed the color tones that I was looking for.

I have also finished all the other Shasvasti troops from Defiance (the Sheskin, Victor Messer, the Gwailo, Speculo killers, Calibans, and Cadmus) so expect proper pictures of them soon. I’m in the home stretch with the Taighas, the Charontid, and the Megalodron before I get to the heroes and then get this to the table. I’m getting excited!

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Cult of Games Member

Great work! Love the moody face. Angel has a tutorial for camo on OTT. think there is also a gerrycan or 3 colours up for another certain type of camo.

Cult of Games Member

I like your Aida very much, especially how you interpreted original colour palette.
As for camo on Infinity miniatures you may follow master Kujo:
However, I never succeeded with this method. On infinity minis I do camo very rarely, in most cases using sponge technique – if you want to see it , I guess I have one Akalis Sikh mini in my project with PanO trousers done with that technique.

Cult of Games Member

I like everything about this model – from the face to the camo to the base. Great job.

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