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A titanic spring clean

A titanic spring clean

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Titans are done (mostly)

Tutoring 5
Skill 7
Idea 5
Titans are done (mostly)
Titans are done (mostly)

The warhounds and reavers are mostly done, I mistakenly did the armour trim and then went over the internal structure with black to cover the over spray, I should have done it the other way round.

Anyway after a fair bit of swearing when i broke the leg on one of the reavers, fortunately it was just the glue so they are all done now, just some work around the eyes and decals to go.

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Cult of Games Member

Great project – I need to do some spring cleaning of my titans!

Out of interest, was there any particular reasoning in going for the alternative colour schemes? Your Legio Gryphonicus are blue-er than most I’ve seen, and your Mortis are blue rather than the black / almost black that is most common. I like them, but am just interested in your thought process (if there was one)!

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