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Getting roads to just ruddy lay flat

Getting roads to just ruddy lay flat

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With the dirt roads done, time to take a look at cobbled roads.

I’ve found some rather attractive beige wallpaper with a texture that looks cobble-like. The gaps between the bumps are a little too bog and, for 15mm, the stones are too large but it’s good enough and, as ‘samples’ of wallpaper are free, there’s no cost! Happy Days 🙂

To reinforce a road look and feel, I want to create a gutter. I’ll do this by laying a thin strip of the wallpaper down each side of the main section. Cutting out these strips took a while….

I’m using rubber for the backing to create strength and flexibility. I’ve also cut a strip of the wallpaper to create the road. You can see all of the materials below and how I intend to put them together.

I’m using a spray carpet glue to attach everything to the rubber. It dries fairly quickly but I leave it over night compressed under a heavy object just to make sure it sticks and lays flat.

I’ve also made a couple of road junctions and a ‘town square’.

This gives a good base. Now I need to figure out how to paint this up. I have two options, a basic approach just using washes and dry brush and another using acrylic sealant and a dry brush.

To test the two approaches, I’ve created a couple of small sample pieces, as below. And we can see what Statler and Waldorf, the hobby fairies have to say about it given that they’ve looked in here before.


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I never looked so good XD


Those Hobby Fairies have a lot to answer for! In this case though, it’s been for the Greater Good. This project flew completely under my radar when you first booted it up mid-last year. Really interesting approach to a problem that I don’t think I ever realised annoys me as much as it does

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