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Frostgrave: Post Covid Gaming

Frostgrave: Post Covid Gaming

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The Bestiary Painted - Skeletons

Tutoring 9
Skill 11
Idea 10

I may have mentioned (often) that I don’t enjoy painting terrain so after working on and off on Morr for a week, I took last week to paint some of the monsters.

There’s a lot of twos and threes of things but I wanted a nice batch to sit and work on so I lined up all the skelebobs (including one skeledog). They are a mix of Mantic and the fantastic Oathmark kit. Honestly, if I ever buy… sorry, when I buy more skeletons, I’ll buy the Oathmark ones. Fun to put together, nice mix of parts and they look so much like Harryhausen creations it makes me smile to look at them.

"If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance" (George Bernard Shaw)

Primed with Wraithbone (Citadel, Contrast primer spray)

Bones: Skeleton Horde (Citadel, Contrast range)

Linen wraps: Khaki (Vallejo)

Leather straps: Mournfang Brown (Citadel)

Weapons: Gun Metal (Army Painter), Retributor Gold (Citadel) and Charred Brown (Vallejo)

Then we come to the running theme of this project. I don’t want dull, monotone terrain or enemies. I want some colour. So I picked out three and just made sure each skeleton had one or two or each on them.

Prussian Blue, Royal Purple and Cavalry Brown (all Vallejo)

Basing is done to match the colours of the terrain (see last post). Main colour is Coal Black (P3), dry brush Administratum Grey (Citadel) and [sparingly] Pallid Wych Flesh (Citadel)

The Bestiary Painted - Skeletons

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Great stuff! Love the skeleton dog… πŸ‘

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