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Frostgrave: Post Covid Gaming

Frostgrave: Post Covid Gaming

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The Bestiary Painted - Batch 2

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 6
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These were all done over a couple of days. Again going for making sure there is some colour on each of them. The bases are as before; main colour is Coal Black (P3), dry brush Administratum Grey (Citadel) and [sparingly] Pallid Wych Flesh (Citadel)

(Yellow) Snow Gorillas by North Star

It had to be done. I have no regrets. I looked for reference photos – that polar bear is yellow!

Primed black because again, polar bears.

Then I didn’t want the white tones to be too cold so I started by drybrushing on Rhakarth Flesh then Pallid Wych Flesh (both Citadel). Wash with sepia but rubbing it down with a bit of paper towel to keep it light. Then a final pass of Marrow White (P3)

The Bestiary Painted - Batch 2

Werewolf by Reaper

They might not be the best quality miniatures but they are a dream to drybrush. Primed black then layers of drybrush Charred Brown (Vallejo), Steel Legion Drab (Citadel) over the fur parts. Muscle highlighting was just Charred Brown with some off-white paint to lighten the hue (I don’t remember exactly which one).

Wolves, Rats and Boars by North Star

More of the official minis for Frostgrave. Not going to lie, I did these last week and I have no memory of what colours I used but they were done in a couple of hours watching Blackjack Legacy’s Monday stream. Again, just largely drybrushing. It’s been quite freeing not really caring about making them my usual standard.

Also did one half of the constructs box. The colours here were thinking about this thing having been made by a wizard trying to show off so going for much warmer colours.

With that, this batch was done. Finally caught up to what I am painting this week

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Great gorilla! πŸ‘

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