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Stargrave - Rogue Trader. The Adventures of Captain Horatio Nelson

Stargrave - Rogue Trader. The Adventures of Captain Horatio Nelson

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NorthStar Stargrave Model Kits

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I have built the 5 first models from just the kit bits so Troopers, Mercs and the Crew. The images above show what you can do with each box type. When building them I was not thinking too much what roles they would have just what looked cool.

So having built a few what do I think of the kits ? Well first point is they are multi part with a combined body and legs you attach the heads, arms and arms to. One nice touch over the frostgrave model is you dont have the plastic base attached to the feet so you can base them how you want. The parts are all very crisp and have a good level of detail. They are not as complex as the GW character models and nor do they need to be. The parts are a dream to remove from the spure they come away with ease and little to no clean up required.

The head sit flat on the body allowing you to pose the way they are looking an useful aspect in making them look different. You get a vast range of human heads to choose from both male and a female with a number of open faces and closed helmets.

The arms are in pairs which are numbered however most of the time I could not make out the numbers as they are printed on the arms rather than the sprue.

However that is not really a problem a bit of dry fitting to work out which is which. You get a range of pistols, light MG, shotgun, rocket launcher. The arms fit flush to the body and actually fit the guns as well. Finally a kit in which the shape of the hand fits around the weapons. They fit flush no gaps around the arms, no floating hands 2 mm off the barrel of the guns. I dont know why all kits cannot do this (look at imperial guard from GW).

The kit also comes with a few bits to stick on like ammo packs, pistol, backpack but you dont get a vast amount but I dont think you need it.

Size wise they are 25mm pretty much the same size as the GW imperial guard. It is worth saying that the GW models heads and hands / arms are heroic scale and a little larger but you really would not notice it. The bolt action models from warlord games fit perfect to this scale which if you have those give you more weapons, ammo packs etc to add to these models.

The wargamesatlantic models for death fields the heads fit but the arms seem to big where as the British Riflemen are too small. You might be able to make the weapons work with a bit of effort with a knife and greenstuff.

I should also say they do fit with all the other Northstar kits like the frost grave cult figures and the gnolls. I have yet to put those together but that will be coming soon hopefully.

Overall this is the best kit I have had to put together. It was quick and simple, no problems trying to hold arms in place, trying to lie up parts they just fit. No green stuff, no fixing gaps with glue, no parts so small they brake when trying to remove from the sprue. They are great little models to use as part of your crew or to take on your forces as a local enforcement team. They would not look out of place in a model warfare game either.

I would say as a general review of the kits with the price and purpose I would give them 9/10. I will look more closely at the indervidual boxes next time.

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