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Raiding the Dusty Wastes

Raiding the Dusty Wastes

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Not quite just a simple one or two more things

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So it seems like when one wants something it can’t just *poof* appear as they wish, huh? Well, I’m currently dog-sitting at a friend’s house and unable to do hobby this week. I’m negotiating with The Russian about my upcoming digital project and have arranged payment to be made (its all hush hush type stuff for the rest of you lot not to know yet). The printer is back and gladly awaiting the gig on Fiverr as I have other tasks that I’ve decided to go ahead with otherwise.

I’ve fallen victim to expanding my force with more minis that “I had to have” which means I’ll, of course, need to get more bases to give it all a grand presentation when this is all said and done. Ugh… can’t I just do this all on clear acrylic? Pffft! Dash that nonsense. I’m glad that my Age of Magic assets are taken care of with regard to MDF basing already on hand as I just need to actually get them, assemble the parts, base and paint. Those are just the little details, right?

I swear that all of this really will be worthwhile to those of you following along on this meandering … Squirrel!!! Seriously though I’ll set out my next steps:

  • Finish the command corps paint scheme and basing
  • Finishing touches on all the regular troops (faces/weapons/basing details)
  • Finally rework the banner and get it printed
  • Receive and paint up another mounted unit (the one I saw and said “That must be mine.”)
  • Show first unit of expanded options from an Age of Magic battleboard


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