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Space 2021 - A Star Saga

Space 2021 - A Star Saga

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4.4 - Rebs!

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Rather than do separate entries for all of the Rebs, I am just going to stick them all in a single update, there’s a couple of reasons for this.  Primarily it saves time;  doing lots of project updates does tend to take quite a long time so combining things where possible makes sense.  Also, these are also the test pieces for a larger Rebs force for Deadzone so there’s a certain uniformity that I want to try and achieve, which is interesting given the sheer diversity of the Rebs faction.  They’re a real motley crew of weird and wonderful aliens with some humans thrown in for good measure.  They’re the riff raff of the Warpath universe, the great unwashed, the dissatisfied masses which makes them perfect to be painted as…

The Brotherhood of Nod!The Brotherhood of Nod!

Yes, as my GCPS were painted as the troops of the GDI from the fantastic Command and Conquer video games, so too will the Rebs become their erstwhile enemies, the Brotherhood of Nod.  The main colour scheme for Nod in the video game was essentially just grey, light grey with dark grey trims however as colour schemes go that’s a bit boring.  This is sci-fi so I want a little bit of colour in there too.  So given that their badge is red I opted for red , but I muted it down massively using Black Templar contract paint to create a black armour with red edge highlighting (sort of).  This prevents the miniatures from being overly bright.  I then used bright blue for a spot colour.

Overall, despite the models themselves being of questionable quality – a side effect of the soft PVC they are cast in rather than any particular sculpting issue – I am please with the effect.  I think, despite them all being so very different, their is a sense of uniformity about them without deviating too far from the artwork.

Reb soldier artworkReb soldier artwork
Rebel Soldiers painted by PaulRebel Soldiers painted by Paul
Rin Nomads artworkRin Nomads artwork
Rin Nomads painted by PaulRin Nomads painted by Paul
Sorak Swordspawn ArtworkSorak Swordspawn Artwork
Sorak Swordspawn painted by PaulSorak Swordspawn painted by Paul
Sphyr Hunters ArtworkSphyr Hunters Artwork
Sphyr Hunters painted by PaulSphyr Hunters painted by Paul

Art Credits Rob Jenkins and Roberto Cirillo

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