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Blipvertus multigame Dwarf army

Blipvertus multigame Dwarf army

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So, I got distracted

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Like most gamers, I got distracted by other projects, some of which you’ll see in the background.
I decided to work on my warlord next. The figures are metal and are from the Oathmark range. As they’re going to share a 40mm base, I decided to paint them up separately and mount on a base later.

As usual I base coated with Army Painter Space Wolves Grey. The flesh is Vallejo Dark Flesh, the leather belts and straps Vallejo Mahogany Brown, the boots, axe haft are Vallejo Flat Brown, the pants Army Painter Desert Yellow and the musician’s beard Lava Orange. The kings beard is Army Paiinter Matt White.

Warlord and retainerWarlord and retainer

Not quite sure what to paint the warlords cloak. Any ideas?

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