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Raiding the Dusty Wastes

Raiding the Dusty Wastes

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All Hasn's horses and all Hasn's men

Tutoring 10
Skill 9
Idea 9
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All facial hair present and or accounted forAll facial hair present and or accounted for
All peasents presentAll peasents present
All work; no horseplay!All work; no horseplay!

So I went back to do all the facial hair and eyes.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I found a way to cheat! A Pigma Micron 005 black pen is just the right size to consistently make eyes in scale without killing your own or going insane with trying to stop the jitters caused by nervous twitches or caffeine. Aside from that I revisited all the foot soldiers to paint over their kanjar (those beautifully curved daggers) on their belts. Feeling feisty I also thought “Should I finish off any other oddball detailing? Eh, why the hell not?”. It was then that I finished the  cavalry in its entirety and all other bits and bobs for the footmen. With that done I tossed on some tufts for fun and visual effects before spraying all parts with Testor’s Dullcote for all the matte parts. I went back over my metallics with VMC Natural Steel and washed with GW Nuln Oil. No undercoat with gloss black to start as I think there’s only so much effort I can put in before getting overwhelmed by the growing scale of this project…. which reminds me. The skirmish trays from Litko really help to keep things organized.

Things can only be taken to a greater level from here as the fantasy of Age of Magic demands the fantastic!

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