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Epic spring clean

Epic spring clean

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Parade ground

Tutoring 8
Skill 10
Idea 10

So the spring clean challenge is finishing and I have not painted all the epic models. In fact I have bought more and hope to get more. I have really enjoyed painting all these models, some that I  have been scared to put paint on since buying them as a small lad, so I will be continuing.

I would like to thank everybody who has looked and voted on my project. I have revelled  in all the projects that have been entered in the challenge (as well all the others that are not) and they have encourage me while doing mine own. Good luck to everyone and congratulations to the winners.

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Cult of Games Member

Well done on such an inspiring project. It has been an absolute pleasure to follow along and see your enthusiasm. Truly in the spirit of the challenge. Looking forward to following it as you eventually complete the collection!

Cult of Games Member

Wonderful work and a great project to follow. Thanks for sharing 👍

Cult of Games Member

Wonderful project! Well done.
And some great inspiritaion for my own Epic army to finish. Thanks a lot

Cult of Games Member

Ooh Epic 40K time warp, they are fabulous looking figures way better than the one’s I did more my blob period of painting with the figures were colour related Lol. @spea6712 the army’s look brilliant.

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