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Resolution 2021: Clearing the pile of shame, again

Resolution 2021: Clearing the pile of shame, again

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Zephyra is another 75mm mini from Bella Nacht ( I’ve painted her up so I can use the scythe blade and chain for gold leaf practice.


Normally when painting a display model I use the Games Workshop paint system (i.e. base colour, wash, layer 1, layer 2). As this is a 75mm model though I’ve put in a bit more effort and done base, wash, base and layer 1 50:50 mix, layer 1, layer 1 and layer 2 50:50 mix, layer 2).


Her skin tone used rhinox hide as the base, agrax earthshade as the wash, and doombull brown and tuskgor fur as the layers.


The woodedn scythe shaft was base coated dryad bark, washed with agrax earthshade and use gorthor brown and baneblade brown as the layers.


Her skirt was base coated loren forest, wased coelia greenshade, and used straken green and nurgling green as the layer colours.


The bones and wrapping on the scythe handle were base coated zandri dust, washed either seraphim sepia (bones) or reikland fleshshade (wrapping) with layer colours ushabti bone and screaming skull.


Her hair was painted abbadon black with simple highlights of skavenblight dinge and stormvermin fur.


The scythe blade and chains have just been painted mechanicus standard grey as I intend to cover it all with silver leaf. Once I do that I’ll post the update in my Egyptian Mythology Display project (

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