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Murder Hobo Squad: A Lost Mine of Phandelver/Dragon of Icespire Peak & Beyond D&D 5E record (Beware Spoilers!)

Murder Hobo Squad: A Lost Mine of Phandelver/Dragon of Icespire Peak & Beyond D&D 5E record (Beware Spoilers!)

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The storm had died down to a light persistent drizzle by the time they saw Falcon and Tiber working to repair the ruined fencing around the hunting lodge.  Falcon downed tools and greeted the party and let Tiber go off for a drink.  The party caught Falcon up with what had happened and asked if he knew of any more cultist or suspicious activity in the area.  They also showed him the letter and asked if he knew who the Stormherald could be.  He didn’t know anything new.  He agreed to keep an eye on the stone circle until Reidoth could come back and cleanse it, and to get word to the party if he learned anything.  They decided they needed a good long chat so he showed them in to his kitchen, made a brew for everyone, got out some leftovers for them, and got back to work on his fence.

They then surprised me by spending the best part of two hours IRL talking IC between themselves.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them do this before.  I was very happy, even if my full afternoon of prep now seemed wasted!  I can’t remember everything that was said, and it’d be a many, many page script if I did write it all out so here’s a few key points. (DM: My computer froze for a few minutes and when it came back up my video was broken for the rest of the session.  This broke my focus as I was distracted trying to fix it for a while.  I probably missed some stuff and can’t remember it all)

  • Ramond wants them to split up the party kitty so he can buy horse barding as he sees that as the way he wants to progress
  • Ramond feels he needs to retrain to be more sword and board
  • They have been a disorganised mess in combat so far, which has created unnecessary risks to themselves
  • They discussed the need to be open about your abilities so they can plan better and there are fewer surprises in combat
  • They actually questioned each other about their backstories a little (Causing a few “Erm I haven’t written that yet’s)
  • They discussed everyone’s best combat role and what they could do going forward to maximise their usefulness. No one really seemed to know what to do for Araloth.  Not even Araloth
  • They liked the idea of a “Combat Captain”. Someone who takes charge in combat and gives orders, but otherwise isn’t their leader.  This way people aren’t doing their own thing, and aren’t arguing over best tactic.
  • They want someone to scry the letter from the Stormherald to work out who and where they are, as they still fear Cultists are a nearby threat.
  • They discussed where to go next. Loot the lighthouse leftovers, deliver Tiber back to town, head to Neverwinter and find a Diviner, possibly through The Lords Alliance, or head back to the Woodland Manse and give it another look over for clues.
  • More I’m forgetting, I’m sure.

They spent the night at the Lodge and headed towards Phandalin the next morning.  After two nights in the wilds the arrived back in town midmorning.  As they drew near to town they could see the scaffolding had been removed from their Manor up on the hill.  Tibor got off the wagon, thanked them, and went to the inn.  The party went to Barthen’s provisions to get paid for deliver the supplies and updated Barthen on the state of the logging camp.  They then split the party kitty between them.  Reidoth and Ramond went off together to find the blacksmiths while Talidra went to check the job board.  Ramond commissioned some chainmail barding for his horse which should take 6 days to make, and he overpaid by 100gp.  Reidoth pulled a couple of Ankheg shells from his bag (DM: That’s a big bag!) and asked if she could turn them in to a breast plate for him.  She said it’d been a while since she’d made weapons or armour but she’d give it a go.  It’d cost 600gp and would take 12 days.  She’d be happy to take half up front and pay the rest later.  Reidoth didn’t have the money, but someone gave him a loan.  They asked her to prioritise the barding first.

They party met up and Talidra shared what she’d taken off the jobs board:

Mountain’s Toe Mine

The Mountain’s Toe Gold Mine lies fifteen miles northeast of Phandalin. The new overseer is making the trip from Neverwinter to Phandalin and needs to be escorted to the mine. There’s no telling what dangers lie between here and there.  We are looking for guards to escort and aid him.  Please speak to Halia Thornton for more information.

Infested Ruins

Redevelopment of Phandalin has run in to troubles recently.  While pulling down a ruined hospital to make way for new buildings an old cellar was uncovered.  Strange sounds from below suggest wild, potentially dangerous animals have taken up residence.  We need some brave people to explore these ruins.  If any threat is present, please remove it so construction can begin.  It may also pose a danger to the locals.  Speak to Foreman Theobald Bristol for more information.  200gp reward.

Deal with the dragon

2000GP reward to anyone who can bring back proof of Cryovain’s demise.  Speak to Townmaster Harbin Wester to collect the reward


They then headed over to the Shrine of Luck to have a chat with Sister Garaele, who had a familiar Orc toddler with her.  They updated her on their findings and asked if she had any ability to scry the letter.  She said no, but there were people back at her order who might.  She could get the letter to them to scry on if the party wanted.  They didn’t have a better idea so they agreed.  Garaele asked them to write a letter to go with it saying what they wanted and she’d get it taken care of.  Once she had the letter and the party started to walk away, she finished up what she was doing, picked up the child, and left.

They had a chat about what to do next and headed off to the nearby sounds of construction to look for Foreman Bristol.  He explained that they’d been clearing out some ruins ready for construction and some of his men had found an opening in to an old basement.  They said they’d heard noises coming from down below and got scared.  The men don’t want to work there until it’s been made safe.  This sort of thing happens now and again and its usually just rats or the wind.  Sometimes it’s wolves that found another way in or perhaps badgers that have tunnelled up.  There was that one time some Ankhegs had made a nest in a cellar, but that sort of thing almost never happens.  It’s definitely never ghosts.  Any time there’s unexpected noises at a ruins some idiot always says it must be ghosts and they’re always wrong.  Anyway, if they go in and its rats or its nothing, he’ll give them 2gp a piece for five minutes works.  It’ll be the easiest money they ever make.  If it’s more and they make the place safe he’ll give them 200gp for what’ll still likely be a quick job.  They decided thy had nothing more immediate to do, so Foreman Bristol lead them over to the ruins and the cellar opening.

DM: And that’s where we ended things.  Next week they head down to deal with a couple of rats.  It’s totally not ghosts.  Never ghosts. No sirree!

S41 Coffee Catchup

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