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Blood Bowl = an over dose of Teams

Blood Bowl = an over dose of Teams

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When I started this project I said it wasn’t going to be a painting tutorial but more a guide to where to get miniatures to “spice” up your teams.

Well since then my collection of Blood Bowl related nonsense has grown (alarmingly so!) – just today I took delivery of a Lizardman pitch…

At the same time I bought that pitch, ordered a Chaos Dwarf team from Hungry Troll miniatures.

Nice casts, figures are a tad small when compared to GW Dwarf’s but they will do.

I have also order – Frank N Stein, Helmut Wulf, a Rotspawn, and the undead dwarf thrower (his name escapes me right now).

I have also bought a Cathay Themed Imperial Nobility team and have my eyes on another team which would work as Brettonian’s – RN Estudos.

So, with all of these, what next? Well… I drew up a league table.

Two conferences – Eight divisions – 5 teams in each.

Auld World Football Conference

Northern Division

  • The Gouged Eye – Orcs
  • The Chaos All Stars – Chaos Pact
  • Elfheim Eagles – Elven Union
  • Skavenblight Scramblers – Skaven
  • Skulls of Katam – Chaos Chosen

Western Division

  • Ironcrag Decimators – Black Orcs
  • Dwarf Giants – Dwarf
  • Sylvannian Ravens – Vampire
  • Bright Crusaders – Human
  • Greenfield Grasshuggers

Eastern Division

  • Darkside Cowboys – Dark Elves
  • The Champions of Death – Shambling Undead
  • Reikland Reavers – Human
  • Nurgle’s Rotters – Nurgle
  • Middenheim Marauders – OWA

Central Division

  • Athelorn Avengers – Wood Elves
  • Oldheim Ogres – Ogres
  • Orcland Raiders – Orcs
  • Lowdown Rats – Goblins
  • Snottingham Snot Sniffles – Snotlings

New World Football Conference

Northern Division

  • Khemri Tomb Kings – Khemri
  • Underworld Creepers – Underworld Denziens
  • Ostermark Dukes – Imperial Nobility
  • Banewood Werewolves – Necromantic
  • Lustria Croakers – Lizardmen

Eastern Division

  • Averheim Lions – OWA
  • Artic Cragspiders – Norse
  • Zhar-Zaggrund Ziggurats – Chaos Dwarf
  • The Mongrel Horde – Chaos Pact
  • Jlaxonkill Jaguars – Amazon

Western Division

  • The Crimson Cadavers – Necromantic
  • Galadreith Gladiators – Elven Union
  • Shang-Yang Dragons – Cathay / Imperial Nobility
  • Craggen Counts – Vampire
  • Grasgar Truebloods – Brettonian / Imperial Noblity

Central Division

  • Vynheim Valkyries – Norse
  • Gisoreux Lionhearts – Brettonian / Imperial Noblity
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

So… just three more teams to decide upon.

As for the ones I need to buy its around 12 out of the 40 I need. Not bad!?! or mad!?! you decide!

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