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Egyptian Mythology Display

Egyptian Mythology Display

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Testing with two colours

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I’ve now applied two different coloured foils to these three models. Each colour takes two to three rounds of application front and back to get this coverage, and its still not perfect.

Here’s the key learning points:

  • Even when I’m certain I didn’t apply glue over the gold leaf the green leaf can still stick to it and refuse to brush off.
  • It can be incredibly difficult to apply the leaf to some areas of the models. E.g. in recesses.
  • When holding on to the model to brush off the excess foil it is very easy to break the model. This is a particular problem for these Egyptian style models as they have lots of fine details.
  • After leaving the models 24 hours I tried brushing off the excess with a cotton bud. That’s a mistake and is why you can see all the cotton fluff in the photos.


I think that if multiple foils are to be applied you need to fully apply one and then seal it with varnish before moving on to the next. This will make cleaning up the second foil without damaging the first easier.


Another problem I have is that the parts of the model I plan to leave as bare resin are too white. It is very difficult to pick out features. This makes it tricky to know where to glue to apply the foil, but also means the ends result doesn’t have definition.


I have an idea. The experiments shall continue…

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