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Hunting in the Darkness - KD:M

Hunting in the Darkness - KD:M

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28 Jul 21: Starting Survivors, started

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Starting Survivors: Allister, Lucy, Zachary, ErzaStarting Survivors: Allister, Lucy, Zachary, Erza

These four named characters are commonly known as the Starting Survivors.

Although named, they can represent any starting survivors, clad only in the cloth that they awake in and gripping shards of stone ripped from the carved faces of the ground.

The steps so far:

  • Grey spray primer
  • Citadel Wraith Bone spray – from the Lantern direction ONLY
  • Citadel Agrax Earthshade wash over the whole mini, moderate coverage
  • 2nd wash of Agrax, only on the “dark side” of the mini.

To elaborate a little – the Wraith Bone was sprayed from the direction that the lantern was being held. The idea is a basic OSL here… an effect I have NEVER tried before!
The second Agrax wash is placed to darken the opposite side of the mini. When looking to place it I tried to draw LoS to the lantern, if I could see the lantern, no shade was applied.

Erza and another survivorErza and another survivor

02 Aug 21: Highlight...ish?

A drybrush of AP Skeleton Bone was applied to one of these two...A drybrush of AP Skeleton Bone was applied to one of these two...

So… the mini on the right of this pic had a drybrush of Skeleton Bone applied to bring up the high areas of the mini. Yet compared to the mini on the left, which has not, there seems to be no discernable difference…

The drybrush was applied only on the lantern side, radiating out from the lantern itself. Undaunted, I continue on my journey. I picked out another two survivors from the multipart kit that I had previously built, and decided on them to be my guides through the unknown.

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