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Evilstu vs. Pile of Shame

Evilstu vs. Pile of Shame

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High Elves - Chrace

Tutoring 6
Skill 8
Idea 8
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Visited another province on the ‘get all the High Elves painted’ tour, Chrace this time. 2 units of White lions, a block of spearmen, 2 blocks of archers and 4 (heavily kitbashed and greenstuffed) murder-floof chariots. To lead, the standard hero/BSB/caster combo – Korhil, a standard bearer and High Elf mage. Not sure if I’ll add more to this one – pretty happy to draw a line under it rather than to keep making incremental additions. I know the command groups in the archers are not a good use of points game-wise, but I like the way they look so there they are.

Also finally got the movement trays on my undead decorated…

Next province will be Avelorn I think, but have a lot of historicals to clear from the workbench first…

The completed forceThe completed force
White LionsWhite Lions
Aaand... Overdue movement trays...Aaand... Overdue movement trays...

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