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Raiding the Dusty Wastes

Raiding the Dusty Wastes

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The camels of quarantine Pt. I

Tutoring 5
Skill 7
Idea 5
Not half bad with dry coughsNot half bad with dry coughs

So I’ve been put under The Rona Lockdown as of Saturday. What does one do when they suddenly have a week of laying around and languishing with chills, bodyaches, congestion and doing as much sleeping as inhumanely possible? Get the lead out and do something that actually doesn’t suck.

Here’s the first half of my camel corps that I’ve been way too busy to paint until now. I can say that my hands aren’t quite as steady as they normally are but I’ll damn well finish these figures before I get cleared to start work again. I still have a second unit of archer levy to pain but they’re nowhere near as difficult. I also have quite a few monsters to go after this so the project has some development life to go with.

Push through the suck and make as much hobby headway is the only way of coping with this.


P.S. I’ll also hit up the metallics after the second half. Right now I don’t quite trust myself yet to get around to it eventhough I wrote on the shields. I can only do so much as an above average kind of nerd.

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So many camel toes XD SCNR

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