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Rasmus v. Oriskany - Vietnam Guerrilla Warfare

Rasmus v. Oriskany - Vietnam Guerrilla Warfare

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Rasmus vs. Bill - Battlecarry Sabot (Tank Duel in Future Korean War)

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Okay, everyone – Here is the video replay from the Sunday game between Rasmus and Bill – pitting North Korean Sungun-915 MBTs of 105th Guards Armored Division against South Korean K-2 “Black Panther” MBTs of 2nd Armored Brigade in a badass, hard-fought game of Battlecarry Sabot.

It’s ultra-modern tanks in a near-future war, up close and personal! Might be a fun “background listen” while hobbying or painting. 🙂

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Cult of Games Member

I’ve never tried any historical or moderns wargaming or watched a game being played on a digital map. The interest just wasn’t there, I guess. But when I saw this pop by with the comment “fun background listen while hobbying/painting” just when I found myself with a little painting time, I though: “heck, why not!”

I was really pleasantly surprised on all fronts (hah!). It was a very interesting and compelling watch. The setting was really cool, the scenario was fun and interesting and the game system seemed accessible and easy, without being bland. So, thank you very much for this. Good game!

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