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101st Royal Hussars (Knights Mercian)

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Well so much for the old stuff (Word of Blake Minis to come)?

I did have a little dabbles a couple of years ago when I managed to get 2 copies of The base game boxes post pledging to the Clan Kickstarter. I had decided on Wolf’s Dragoons and painted them either Red and Black or Blue and Black ,partly based on the Dragoons scheme and partly on the idea of Red Force meets Blue . I hadn’t been happy with it and it ran out of steam as other projects reared their heads.

This is how it remained even after receiving the 1st Wave of my Kickstarter. Likewise initially with the 2nd wave. Specially when I realised I had cocked up and got wrong Comstar Box.

Interest got raised again when Mr Vince at Asgard Games showed me the new IKhan source book. In addition I dropped lucky and was able to get the correct Comstar box from Wayland Games.

So how was I going to paint my new additions plus the stuff sitting half painted. How did I fit all the various designs into one force. John is lucky in this respect in that he is at the beginning of his Journey  so has plumped for Inner Sphere… don’t know if he has decided who  and Jade Falcons for Clans ( Don’t tell him they are pretty much wiped out in the Assault on Terra)

Anyway my Comstar Command Levell II arrived and I looked at them and thought these are all Star League Designs ( a dreamy memory came to mind of an excellent Star League Campaign I took part in ran by two students many years go at our club) . So why not Star League?

Couple of problems right away .

  • I didn’t know if their was a standard Scheme
  • Star League era tended to be mechs of all the same design for easier logistics.

The 1st problem was easily solved by the various sites on Google  which gave SLDF as being a mainly Olive Green scheme.

The 2nd is a bit of Hand Wavium  in that the original Mercenary Regiment we had formed in a group had been loosely based on an old Star League Regiment , back in the day for the campaign mentioned above we had plumped on the 101st Royal Hussars partly based on an old injoke at club. As it was an Regiment independent of any division (similar to some allied WW2 tank Regiments) it may of had a looser make up of mechs , particularly after the hardships of the various Periphery wars it had taken part in. So this Company would be the survivors.

So I  have decided to paint them up as one of the Historic Star League Companies of the Regiments origins. The argument is they have been sitting on the home World of Mercia, until recent troubles have caused them to be reactivated.

This also gives me a revised scheme for my half painted mechs that I can try out first.

So digging through the box of partly done mechs I found this which will be the basis of my paint scheme.


101st Royal Hussars (Knights Mercian)
101st Royal Hussars (Knights Mercian)

This was a Iron Winds metal Hussar that I being trying out as an alt model for the PHR in Dropship Commander.


I want to try out the paint scheme  1st So I found a few mexhs that had just been Undercoated white, a mixture of Iron Wind metals and alt Resin Mech from a guy in Poland.

I don’t want a longwinded paint job and remember the hours carefully on the Fed Com mechs , so I decided to start with GW miltarium green from the Contast range as an overall base colour.

Then using MP paints Dark Green lightened with their yellow light dry brushed over the top.

101st Royal Hussars (Knights Mercian)

I have also done the metal work with MP paints Gun metal with a GW Nuln wash over top. Mechs need the yellow markings insignia  and cockpits doing but think I have managed a good match to the Hussar I did some time ago.

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